Communication and understanding is the foundation of any successful relationship. Rebecca’s horse training focuses on this foundation. She strives to teach understanding and communication in both the horse and rider to unite them into a team. Whether your goals are to win ribbons in the show pen or just riding confidently in the back 40, she is here for you. Let her help build a trusting relationship between you and your horse.


Rebecca Meinen has been working to understand and communicate with horses since a young age.  The psychology of the horse has always played a large role in how she interacted with horses. She works with horses and riders alike on an individual bases. For her it is not about producing the same product over and over again but rather analyzing each rider and horse combination on their own merits.  Training horses does not have a standard factory mold. Each horse is an individual so training has to be customized in order to produce the best results. People are much the same way and she deals with her students in similar matter as her horses. It is about the individual.


Graduating from the University of Wisconsin – River Falls, Rebecca’s background in horses is a widely diversified one. Before attending the University her focused had been primarily on reining horses. Breaking colts with natural horsemanship and putting a solid foundation on those colts in spinning and sliding was something easily accomplished.  In school she branched out and discovered another love in dressage and gained some skills over fences. She rode Swedish Warmbloods for a locate breeder, Lisbeth Bengsten, most of college and has instruction up to 4th level. After college she started adding the reining back into her life. In the next few years she rode for Matt Vatnsdal and later Tom McCutcheon. This diversity allows her a good insight into many issues that come up in training and allows for a different outlook on some common place issues.

The Philosophy: